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GENRE: Indie - Alternative
YEARS ACTIVE: 2013 - Present

WEBSITE: erincoburn.com

Erin Coburn is settled in Kentucky, making music that is primarily Rock, which is heavily influenced by artists like Badflower, The Black Keys, and Cage the Elephant. Having released her debut album Chaos Before Conformity in 2015, followed by her sophomore release Queen of Nothing two years later and her third record in 2019, Out From Under. Since then, Coburn’s fanbase has grown both nationally and worldwide.

Making music since she was 12, Erin Coburn is an artist who is unafraid to be authentically herself as a performer, which is clearly heard throughout her truthful lyrics. For live gigs, she is joined by her impressive band.  While onstage together, they create a mesmerizing energy. Their electric stage presence has led to Erin playing a variety of festivals & venues across the States, including Buddy Guy’s Legends, Summerfest, Blissfest, King Biscuit, Kalamazoo State Theatre and many more.

Writing all her own material, Erin is an accomplished songwriter, which is beautifully showcased through her three studio LP's. Her lyrical output focuses on the theme of not fitting in: “I am my own best friend and always have been,  ever since I left public high school halfway through sophomore year to go to an online high school for gifted and talented students” Erin states. Through her music, she hopes to bring together all the “misfits” around the world. In Erin’s world “misfits” is not a negative connotation it is a crown to be worn proudly.

Not only is she a talented vocalist and lyricist, but Erin Coburn also plays multiple instruments, including the electric guitar, ukulele, bass and acoustic guitar. She has multiple sponsorships and endorsement including Strandberg Guitars. Although, her passion lies in the electric guitar, the instrument which best captures the essence of Erin Coburn as an artist.

With her creative genre fusion of rock, indie & Americana, Erin hopes to capture hearts and minds with her unique and distinctive sound. On that note, be sure to follow all of her socials and join her official mailing list to remain updated on the talented Erin Coburn!

“If rock and roll needs a strong female focal point to help music leave the dark ages and become a lot more enlightened... then Erin Coburn gets my vote.”

— Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

“She's definitely a force to be reckoned with! Can't wait to see her grow in this industry!”

— Fuel The Media

“2019 is a year of growth for Erin Coburn, and she’s shining as bright as a star. With her mighty stage presence, dynamic songwriting, and robust guitar playing—not to mention her killer electric ukulele shredding... ”

Musical Notes Global

“I met her at the Pinetop Perkins Foundation workshops and I knew she was very talented but her album knocks me out!”

— Bob Margolin

“Erin also has a beyond-her-years knack for coming up with clever hooks and memorable melodies – little musical kernels you can carry around with you as you go about your daily tasks. Her lyrics seem honest, not contrived, and work well with her mature, honey-hued vocals – convincingly spiked by an occasional country lilt or some bluesy grit.”

— Gordon Webb, Martinez Gazette

“She can lay back or reeve up while pulling fine bluesrock sounds and rhythms out of her electric guitar or electric ukulele. Also, she can go authentically country and tastefully pop. Her effortless singing is rangy—she pulls her vocal triggers at will.”

— Zeno Songbird, Knoxville Music Warehouse

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